Wall Stickers Wallpaper Kitchen Aluminium Foil (60 x 300 cm) Oil Proof, Kitchen Backsplash Wallpaper Self-Adhesive Anti-Mold and Heat Resistant for Walls Cabinets Drawers and Shelves, Silver.

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Weight: ‎ ‎ 250 g

Product Dimension:‎  15 x 7 x 7 cm

Package Include :  New Aluminum Foil Sticker (60*300)CM

Bullet point:

  •  Aluminum Foil Stickers# This adhesive backsplash wallpaper by is great for home decorations of protecting panels and cabinets. With gridlines on the back paper for cutting, it is easy for you to create new looks or repair old nooks.
  • Applicable for kitchen wall anti-oil and anti-fouling, cabinet drawer dustproof and scratch-resistate.
  • To protect your kitchen countertop and walls from stubborn oil stains closure
  • Waterproof, no fading, no curling, wipe clean. Can be directly attached, no need for glue.

Kitchen mat Waterproof Sticker Cabinet Sticker drawer mat Countertops Sticker kitchen clean sticker Decoration Sticker kitchen wallpaper heat resistant wallpaper









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<p><strong>High-quality materials :<br />
</strong><br />
Made of high-quality composite tin foil materials, resistant to 150℃ high temperature. Waterproof, oil proof, drawer and mould proof, protect your furniture from corrosion . Long service life, suitable for home use.</p>
<p><strong>Self-adhesive strip :<br />
</strong>Self-adhesive backing design, no additional glue is needed. It has a high viscosity and can be firmly attached to the surface of the furnace. It can be torn open directly when replacing, leaving no trace.<br />
<strong><span class="a-text-bold"><br />
Easy to install and remove :</span><br />
</strong><br />
Can automatically paste and paste the wallpaper, the removable back sticker has a grid line that can be cut, which is convenient for measurement and precise cutting. You can create a new look or repair the look of any existing smooth surface. Silver vinyl will make you feel refreshed. High-quality paint ensures that it will not fade for many years.<br />
<strong><span class="a-text-bold"><br />
Easy to clean :</span> </strong></p>
<p>It stays on the surface and can easily wipe off soy sauce, cooking oil and other oil<br />
stains. Easy to clean. Cover with stains. Durable and beautiful: environmental protection, anti-friction, waterproof, oil-proof, can protect your furniture from corrosion . Decorate and renovate old metal furniture to make your house look more upscale</p>
<p>.<strong>Widely used :</strong></p>
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<p><span class="a-list-item">Removable wallpaper for mini refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, microwave ovens, household appliances, kitchen backgrounds, buffet cabinets, TV cabinets, wash basins, pantry, dining tables, desks, crafts, windows, dressing tables Drawers, closets, kitchen utensils, lakeside cottages, industrial, dormitory, living room, farmhouse, office decoration.</span></p>
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Additional information

High-quality materials :

Made of high-quality composite tin foil materials, resistant to 150℃ high temperature. Waterproof, oil proof, drawer and mould proof, protect your furniture from corrosion . Long service life, suitable for home use.

Self-adhesive strip :
Self-adhesive backing design, no additional glue is needed. It has a high viscosity and can be firmly attached to the surface of the furnace. It can be torn open directly when replacing, leaving no trace.

Easy to install and remove :

Can automatically paste and paste the wallpaper, the removable back sticker has a grid line that can be cut, which is convenient for measurement and precise cutting. You can create a new look or repair the look of any existing smooth surface. Silver vinyl will make you feel refreshed. High-quality paint ensures that it will not fade for many years.

Easy to clean :

It stays on the surface and can easily wipe off soy sauce, cooking oil and other oil
stains. Easy to clean. Cover with stains. Durable and beautiful: environmental protection, anti-friction, waterproof, oil-proof, can protect your furniture from corrosion . Decorate and renovate old metal furniture to make your house look more upscale

.Widely used :

Removable wallpaper for mini refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, microwave ovens, household appliances, kitchen backgrounds, buffet cabinets, TV cabinets, wash basins, pantry, dining tables, desks, crafts, windows, dressing tables Drawers, closets, kitchen utensils, lakeside cottages, industrial, dormitory, living room, farmhouse, office decoration.



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