4 Vacuum Storage Reusable Zip lock Smart Space Saver Bags (Pack of 4) 2 Small (50 cm x 60 cm), 2 Medium (60 cm x 80 cm) with Hand Pump

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Weight: 320 Grams

Product Dimension:15 x 11 x 10 cm

Package Included: ‎‎4 x Vacuum bag , 1 x Pump

Bullet Points:

  • Material Variety: Made of transparent Polyamide Polyethylene to ensure the safety of stored items, the triple-seal formula acts as double security making no air to pass. Designed to be free of any microbial action, blocks odour, water droplets, mildew, insects/bugs. Textured seal to give a non-slip grip.
  • 3X Storage Space: Taking every bit of air from the bags shrinks blankets and quilts to 80% and clothes and other goods to 60% paving space for more storage. As every season requires swapping clothes out of the wardrobe, vacuuming helps create 3X storage space in the wardrobe for various seasons.
  • Multi-purpose: Can be used to store various pieces including soft toys, rugs, clothes, blankets, quilts, pillows, Rajai, and extra tight airlock ensures that they stay compressed. Winter wear can be stored for a longer period due to its anti-microbial feature. Instead of packing clothes directly in the travel bag, use these vacuum bags and there will be still a lot of space to fit many other things. Avoid using ironed clothes as they tend to wrinkle after the vacuum is applied.
  • Installation: Doesn’t require any tools, unwrap the package, and it’s ready to use. Comes along with a high-quality inflatable compact, travel-friendly hand pump. Regular sizes: (Pack of 4) 2 Small (50 cm x 60 cm), 2 Medium (60 cm x 80 cm).


Vacuum bag Storage Reusable Ziplock Smart Space Saver Compression Sealer Bags 

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<p><strong>High-quality Polypropylene Material</strong><br />
The Solimo Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags with Hand Pump are made using high-quality polypropylene, making them tough and durable to ensure more extended usage.</p>
<p><strong>Handpump for Sucking Out Air</strong><br />
The hand pump allows you to suck out the air from inside the vacuum bag conveniently, helping to eliminate the excess air in the bag while storing away your clothing. Please remember, overfilling will cause the bag to re-inflate. And fold clothes as neatly and as flat as possible to squeeze more air out.</p>
<p><strong>Airtight Protection</strong><br />
The vacuum storage bags are fitted with a heavy-duty valve and double seal zipper that offers airtight protection and prevents the clothes stored in the bag from getting damaged by external factors. Remember, do not remove the foam/rubber piece inside the air valve as removing it will cause the bags to re-inflate. Avoid storing bags near sharp objects or heat sources.</p>

Additional information

High-quality Polypropylene Material
The Solimo Vacuum Storage Space Saver Bags with Hand Pump are made using high-quality polypropylene, making them tough and durable to ensure more extended usage.

Handpump for Sucking Out Air
The hand pump allows you to suck out the air from inside the vacuum bag conveniently, helping to eliminate the excess air in the bag while storing away your clothing. Please remember, overfilling will cause the bag to re-inflate. And fold clothes as neatly and as flat as possible to squeeze more air out.

Airtight Protection
The vacuum storage bags are fitted with a heavy-duty valve and double seal zipper that offers airtight protection and prevents the clothes stored in the bag from getting damaged by external factors. Remember, do not remove the foam/rubber piece inside the air valve as removing it will cause the bags to re-inflate. Avoid storing bags near sharp objects or heat sources.


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