Stainless Steel Sink Caddy Tap Organizer Clip Storage Rack Practical Home Kitchen Faucet Shelf Snap-on Faucet Drain Rack

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Weight: ‎ 100 g

Product Dimension:‎  ‎‎20 x 10 x 10  cm

Package Include:  Faucet sponge holder

Bullet point:
 Make store in kitchen and bathroom more easier with the help of the faucet shelf which easily helps you to store items next to your faucet and sink.
Make usage of the best storage ideas as it gives you a multifunctional use. This faucet shelf can be used in both kitchen and bathroom to store stuff kept next to the faucet. It helps to drain the left over water and keep your surroundings and utensils dry.
This sink candy organizer is made up of stainless steel and rust proof. It just needs to be clamped to the faucet and it can hold your brush, sponge, soap, scrubber, shampoo etc.
Clip on the tap, easy to use. Suitable for faucet pipe with thickness between 20mm and 25mm.


Soap Sponge Holder Sink Rag Caddy Rack Scrubber Holder clip storage rack bathroom storage basket fruit wash holder vegetable wash holder dish washing washbasin soap shampoo soap hanging tap storage rack








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<p>Unlike traditional kitchen sink caddy. Our kitchen faucet sponge holder greatly releases your precious sink washing and counter space. Organize your sponge, dishcloth, soap with it, all stuffs can clean and dry naturally. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you need, it can hold sponge, scouring pad, etc.! It has a classic style, well ventilated, easy to dry, hollow design, very suitable for kitchens and workplaces. Easy to install Our sink caddy sponge holder No tools or drilling is required, just unscrew the cover, connect the bracket to the faucet neck and tighten it. sturdy and reusable sponge holder will save you money. Note: Only applicable to stainless steel round taps with a diameter of 0.59 to 1.18 inches. Not suitable for round or square taps of other sizes. The thickness of the faucet tube is 20mm to 25mm. The cushion accessories can adjust the tightness. Package included: 1 Pc Kitchen Faucet Sponge Holder.</p>

Additional information

Unlike traditional kitchen sink caddy. Our kitchen faucet sponge holder greatly releases your precious sink washing and counter space. Organize your sponge, dishcloth, soap with it, all stuffs can clean and dry naturally. Suitable for kitchen, bathroom or anywhere you need, it can hold sponge, scouring pad, etc.! It has a classic style, well ventilated, easy to dry, hollow design, very suitable for kitchens and workplaces. Easy to install Our sink caddy sponge holder No tools or drilling is required, just unscrew the cover, connect the bracket to the faucet neck and tighten it. sturdy and reusable sponge holder will save you money. Note: Only applicable to stainless steel round taps with a diameter of 0.59 to 1.18 inches. Not suitable for round or square taps of other sizes. The thickness of the faucet tube is 20mm to 25mm. The cushion accessories can adjust the tightness. Package included: 1 Pc Kitchen Faucet Sponge Holder.


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