Stainless Steel Multipurpose Expandable Dish Rack/Expandable Storage Shelves for Kitchen Cabinets/Plate Stand/Utensil Rack for Home Cupboard Shelf

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Weight:740 Grams

Product Dimension: 20 x 12 x 10 cm;

Package Included: ‎1 x Shelf Rack

Bullet Points:

  • The uses of this expandable home organizer are truly endless. It can easily be used in the kitchen pantry, bathroom or office to save space and organize a variety of items.
  • EXPANDABLE: Featuring two shelves that interlock, this Shelf Organizer can effortlessly be customized and expanded to fit your desired length
  • Constructed with a lightweight design, the Kitchen Organizer requires no tools to put together, leading to an easy and quick assembly.
  • Made by premium quality steel cabinet expandable & stackable storage shelves.
  • It is highly strong and sturdy. Can accommodate weights of stainless steels plates and dishes very easily and other steel or other metal utensils.


expandable shelf rack for kitchen multipurpose shelf rack plates and dishes utensil rack for cup mugs

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<p><strong>Specification of the product:-</strong><br />
Colour: Silver<br />
Material: Stainless Steel<br />
Mounting Type: Counter Top<br />
Product Type: Racks &amp; Shelves<br />
Equipped with rubber grippers on the bottom of each leg<br />
Package Contents: 1-Piece Expandable Shelf</p>
<p><strong>-: Product Description:-</strong><br />
Heavy-Duty Design and the use of high-quality raw materials add to the extra sturdiness of the product.<br />
Featuring two shelves that can effortlessly be customized to fit your desired length.<br />
Additionally, the overlapping shelf design adds more space when not in use.<br />
This Multipurpose organizer cab is used in office, refrigerator, kitchen, bedroom etc.<br />
One product and its multiple usages make it a perfect addition to any home.<br />
Anti-scratch bottom cap protects your surfaces from getting spoiled.<br />
It also acts as an anti-skid cap and prevents the stand from slipping.<br />
Load up your refrigerator with your favourite food items. Increase the capacity and save your food from getting spoiled. Save time and enhance accessibility by getting your refrigerator organized.<br />
Equipped with rubber grippers on the bottom of each leg to prevent scratches or scuffs on your kitchen countertop. Move your kitchen shelf with peace of mind knowing that you will not be damaging your new countertop.</p>

Additional information

Specification of the product:-
Colour: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Mounting Type: Counter Top
Product Type: Racks & Shelves
Equipped with rubber grippers on the bottom of each leg
Package Contents: 1-Piece Expandable Shelf

-: Product Description:-
Heavy-Duty Design and the use of high-quality raw materials add to the extra sturdiness of the product.
Featuring two shelves that can effortlessly be customized to fit your desired length.
Additionally, the overlapping shelf design adds more space when not in use.
This Multipurpose organizer cab is used in office, refrigerator, kitchen, bedroom etc.
One product and its multiple usages make it a perfect addition to any home.
Anti-scratch bottom cap protects your surfaces from getting spoiled.
It also acts as an anti-skid cap and prevents the stand from slipping.
Load up your refrigerator with your favourite food items. Increase the capacity and save your food from getting spoiled. Save time and enhance accessibility by getting your refrigerator organized.
Equipped with rubber grippers on the bottom of each leg to prevent scratches or scuffs on your kitchen countertop. Move your kitchen shelf with peace of mind knowing that you will not be damaging your new countertop.


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