Stainless Steel Cabinet shelf Multipurpose Stand for Kitchen Mixer Shelves Storage Cabinet Organization Mini Storage Shelf/Utensil Rack/Plate Stand Chrome Plated Mirror Polished.

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Weight: ‎ ‎450  g

Product Dimension:‎  30 x 22 x 15   cm

Package Include:  Cabinet Shelf

Bullet point:

  • Made From High Quality Stainless Steel Material, Nickel Chrome Plated. Long Lasting Shine And Strength
  • Ideal For Kitchen, Cupboards & Shelves, Expand To It From End To End Within Cabinet width.
  • Multipurpose Organizer Extend Up to 580 mm. Expandable And Stackable Cabinet Shelves.
  • Ideal for Dishes, Bowls, Utensils and more. No assembly required.
  • This rack comes with Anti-Skid Rubber fittings in its legs, ensuring that your floor stays scratch-free and prevents the rack from slipping. You can start using this rack/shelf as soon as your receive the product. It can be placed on Kitchen/Bathroom/Cabinet/Office Floor/Platform.

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<p>multipurpose stainless steel shelf/rack/stand is made of 100% high-grade stainless steel with extra nickel-chrome finish which makes it rust &amp; corrosion-free and it lasts longer. It has multiple uses and can be used as rack/shelf/holder/organizer/stand for storing toiletries, cosmetics, spice jars, shaving kit, books, stationeries along with some handy useful things or accessories.<br />
This rack helps users to divide and increase their space to store more things.<br />
Keep essential spices, sauces, powders, and seasonings readily available and accessible with the Dish Rack Organizer. The wide and tall countertop rack accommodates larger bottles and cans offering a space-saving and easy to access solution for chefs and cooks.<br />
The free-standing rack can be moved and positioned in almost any location including kitchen countertops, cabinets, pantry, or even other rooms in the house.<br />
It can be easily utilized for bathroom, make-up and nail polish storage or used for storing crafts goods and ribbons. The versatile and multi-purpose rack is a great solution for kitchen or home storage and organization.</p>

Additional information

multipurpose stainless steel shelf/rack/stand is made of 100% high-grade stainless steel with extra nickel-chrome finish which makes it rust & corrosion-free and it lasts longer. It has multiple uses and can be used as rack/shelf/holder/organizer/stand for storing toiletries, cosmetics, spice jars, shaving kit, books, stationeries along with some handy useful things or accessories.
This rack helps users to divide and increase their space to store more things.
Keep essential spices, sauces, powders, and seasonings readily available and accessible with the Dish Rack Organizer. The wide and tall countertop rack accommodates larger bottles and cans offering a space-saving and easy to access solution for chefs and cooks.
The free-standing rack can be moved and positioned in almost any location including kitchen countertops, cabinets, pantry, or even other rooms in the house.
It can be easily utilized for bathroom, make-up and nail polish storage or used for storing crafts goods and ribbons. The versatile and multi-purpose rack is a great solution for kitchen or home storage and organization.


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