Stainless Steel 3 Pieces Set Icing Spatula Set Cake Knife Cream Icing Frosting Spatula Baking Kitchen Pastry Cake Decoration Tools.

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Weight: ‎220 g

Product Dimension:‎ 11.4 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm

Package Include : Cream Spatula For Cake

Bullet point:

  • Cake Pallette Knife is made up of stainless steel and has a black handle
  • It also helps in lifting up pastry without making any cracks in it or simply plate a dish in absolute style
  • It is extremely useful for moving delicate items like cake, pie or pastry without breaking them
  • Palette knives are also used for cake decorations, to spread frosting on a cake or sometimes for careful mixing.
  • The cake angled spatulas help to spread the cream flat and evenly on cakes thanks to the stable and smooth surface.

Icing Spatula Frosting Spatula Pastry Cake Decoration Knife Cream set Cake Palette Knife kitchen tool Kitchen Pastry Cake Decoration Tool






Pastry Cake Decoration


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<p>The professional look and feel that is perfect for your home kitchen or professional bakery.<br />
Palette Knives Makes Your Frosting Process Much More Easier And Efficient.<br />
It Is Very Ideal For Spreading Cream With Rotating Spin. Particle Handle Provides Better Control Even If Your Hands Were Covered With Cream.<br />
Perfect For Spreading Icing, Cream And Butter Icing In Cakes. With A Cranked Tempered Stainless Steel Paddle At The Perfect Angle And The Angle Feels Just Right. This Spatula Helps You To Achieve A Much Smoother Surface. Easy to Handle Ergonomic handle designed to be more comfortable in your hand, making it easier to use and grip when you&#8217;re icing treats and cakes. Enjoy The Pleasure Of Cake Decorating!</p>

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The professional look and feel that is perfect for your home kitchen or professional bakery.
Palette Knives Makes Your Frosting Process Much More Easier And Efficient.
It Is Very Ideal For Spreading Cream With Rotating Spin. Particle Handle Provides Better Control Even If Your Hands Were Covered With Cream.
Perfect For Spreading Icing, Cream And Butter Icing In Cakes. With A Cranked Tempered Stainless Steel Paddle At The Perfect Angle And The Angle Feels Just Right. This Spatula Helps You To Achieve A Much Smoother Surface. Easy to Handle Ergonomic handle designed to be more comfortable in your hand, making it easier to use and grip when you’re icing treats and cakes. Enjoy The Pleasure Of Cake Decorating!


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