Sit-up Bar Workout Assistant Home Gym Office, Exercise Sit Up Stand Fitness Equipment for Women Men Lose Weight Stand (Multicolor)

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Weight: 479 gm

Material: Alloy Steel

Product Dimension: 423*12*5cm/ 9.04*4.72*1.97inch (L*W*H)

Package Included: 1 x Sit up stand

Bullet Points:

  •  Large suction rubber chassis provides more suction cup area and more high stability, The sit-up equipment’s big suction cup made of natural rubber which is durable and long life.
  • The sit-up bar is very easy to install and remove without any need for any tools, convenient and easy to use.
  • A perfect tool to help you to reduce abdominal fat, strengthens and firms abdominal core muscles, play sit-ups, push-ups, elbow plank, press-up stretching back, sidekick, flat support, belly movement easily.
  •  This sit up bar can be reused on smooth floors, wipe the floor with a clean damp cloth before use, remove dust, and place the suction cup on a smooth surface, please make sure there are no gaps and dampness at the bottom.
  •  Four height adjustments which can be easily adjusted according to all consumer height, it can be used for all your family and friends.


self Suction sit up equipment for Floor Portable Adjustable sit up Bench Abdominal Muscle Toner


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<p><strong>Compact</strong><br />
The sit-up bar is only 23*12*5cm/ 9.04*4.72*1.97inch (L*W*H), which will not occupy much installation and storage place.</p>
<p><strong>Easy to install</strong><br />
The sit-up bar with a super big 5.9inch suction cup on the bottom is convenient to install. Press the whole sit up bar and the handle at the same time to fix the suction cup easily, no need for other tools.</p>
<p><strong>Adjustable height</strong><br />
There are four height modes for you to choose from according to the practical situation. Press the spring buckle to adjust its height.</p>
<p><strong>Soft sponge design</strong><br />
The sit-up bar is designed with a soft sponge pad, which can bring your wonderful comfortable using experience.</p>
<p><strong>Durable</strong><br />
The sit-up bar is mainly made of high-quality steel material, hard, tough, wear-resistant, durable and robust, owning a long using life span.</p>
<p>Scope of application<br />
The sit-up bar can help you to do sit-ups along, widely suitable for home, office, gym and so on.</p>
<p><strong>Note</strong>:<br />
Please pick up the smooth floor without a gap or 3D pattern to install the product.</p>
<p><strong>Specification:</strong><br />
Type: sit up bar<br />
Quantity: 1pc<br />
Material: steel + sponge<br />
Color: black / red/blue<br />
Suction cup diameter: 15cm/ 5.9inch<br />
Size: 23*12*5cm/ 9.04*4.72*1.97inch (L*W*H)<br />
Weight: 797g/ 28.11oz</p>
<p><strong>Package Including</strong></p>
<p>1* sit-up bar</p>

Additional information


The sit-up bar is only 23*12*5cm/ 9.04*4.72*1.97inch (L*W*H), which will not occupy much installation and storage place.

Easy to install
The sit-up bar with a super big 5.9inch suction cup on the bottom is convenient to install. Press the whole sit up bar and the handle at the same time to fix the suction cup easily, no need for other tools.

Adjustable height
There are four height modes for you to choose from according to the practical situation. Press the spring buckle to adjust its height.

Soft sponge design
The sit-up bar is designed with a soft sponge pad, which can bring your wonderful comfortable using experience.

The sit-up bar is mainly made of high-quality steel material, hard, tough, wear-resistant, durable and robust, owning a long using life span.

Scope of application
The sit-up bar can help you to do sit-ups along, widely suitable for home, office, gym and so on.

Please pick up the smooth floor without a gap or 3D pattern to install the product.

Type: sit up bar
Quantity: 1pc
Material: steel + sponge
Color: black / red/blue
Suction cup diameter: 15cm/ 5.9inch
Size: 23*12*5cm/ 9.04*4.72*1.97inch (L*W*H)
Weight: 797g/ 28.11oz

Package Including

1* sit-up bar


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