Silicone Chef Basting Oil Dispenser Glass Bowl Container Pastry Brush Set for Cooking, BBQ, Baking and Grilling.

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Weight: ‎350 g

Product Dimension:‎ 16.5 x 7 x 7 cm

Package Include : Chef Basting

Bullet point:

  • HIGH QUALITY: Food grade silicone, lightweight (each 50g ,total 50g), non-stick, heat resistant  eco-friendly; great kitchen tool for baking, cooking and BBQ.
  • WITH A BOTTLE DISPENSER : Basting brush that comes with a bottle dispenser. With the sauce, oil or honey in the bottle first, squeeze it out to spray, which can save flavor, less waste in your meals.
  • DISASSEMBLE: The bottle brush can be detached to a bush and a bottle, high capacity of the bottle (each 35ml), you don’t need to add flavor continuously, which will help you to save much time in cooking or grilling.
  • COOKING HELPER: Easy to use and clean, dishwasher safe ; can be used for family barbecue baking dishes baking cakes, brush jams, brush honey water; are also used for outdoor barbecue, steak brush oil, fried eggs, etc.


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<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Flexible for any use</h4>
<p>The unique silicone strands and &#8216;bulbs&#8217; at the end of the strands can master the contours of any application, making sure you don&#8217;t miss any bits..</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">More than just for sauces</h4>
<p>The versatility of this brush means that you can use it successfully with any fluid for cooking &#8211; oils, egg yolk, soy, teriyaki, softened or melted butter, even water for moistening</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Not just for BBQ season</h4>
<p>You&#8217;ll find that you are retrieving your Basting &amp; Pastry Brush frequently and often &#8211; for Thanks Giving, Making Croissants with the Kids, Baking Cakes, and Oiling Vegetables.</p>

Additional information

Flexible for any use

The unique silicone strands and ‘bulbs’ at the end of the strands can master the contours of any application, making sure you don’t miss any bits..

More than just for sauces

The versatility of this brush means that you can use it successfully with any fluid for cooking – oils, egg yolk, soy, teriyaki, softened or melted butter, even water for moistening

Not just for BBQ season

You’ll find that you are retrieving your Basting & Pastry Brush frequently and often – for Thanks Giving, Making Croissants with the Kids, Baking Cakes, and Oiling Vegetables.



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