Silicone 4 Round Ball Ice Cube Tray Maker Mold with Mould Brick Party Tray Round Bar Accessories Juice Whiskey Cocktail Drinks, Ice Ball Makers for Fridge.

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Weight: ‎ ‎150 g

Product Dimension:‎  ‎‎ 27.6 x 15.5 x 12.9  cm

Package Include:  Ice Ball Tray

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  • Tray Creates Slow Melting Ice Spheres that are Perfect For Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Water, and Even Coffee. Freezes pretty much anything including ice, jelly, chocolate or even soap. Easily
  • Easily Beat The Heat With This Cool Ice Tray – Great for Parties, Summer, Restaurants, Entertaining in the home, Holiday Entertaining and Holiday Gifts. Makes four stylish, elegant looking ice balls at a time and releases easily from the silicone ice mold tray without cracking.
  • Dishwasher and Microwave Safe – makes it easy to clean and reuse. Sphere Ice Mold is gorgeous, has professional-grade quality with leak-proof design that makes perfectly seamless ice balls!
    • Made of food-grade, BPA free silicone and allows easy removal of one or two ice balls at a time. Sturdy silicone construction makes perfect, slow melting and elegant looking ice that can easily be removed from the ice mold tray.



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<p>There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day or a long day at work than an ice-cold drink that cools your body and tastes absolutely delicious.<br />
But that experience is quickly ruined with crushed or standard freezer ice cubes that melt away quickly, leaving your drink watered-down and flat.<br />
That’s why you need Silicone Ice Trays that create round ice cube mold Non-stick and easy to release &#8211; With a simple push, the cube will just pop out! -No odor or aftertaste &#8211; The silicone we use preserves the water&#8217;s pure taste.<br />
Dishwasher safe. Freezer safe. &#8211; Easy to clean! &#8211; Can be used in temperature from -40 up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit.<br />
Large spheres of ice melt slower than conventional ice &#8211; Great for cooling your whiskey or wine &#8211; Fill with mint or fruit for Sangria or summer lemonade &#8211; Use kids&#8217; flavored drinks for popsicles or colorful drinks &#8211; Fill with coffee creamer for use in iced coffee -Try the trays as molds for baking</p>

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There’s nothing better on a hot summer’s day or a long day at work than an ice-cold drink that cools your body and tastes absolutely delicious.
But that experience is quickly ruined with crushed or standard freezer ice cubes that melt away quickly, leaving your drink watered-down and flat.
That’s why you need Silicone Ice Trays that create round ice cube mold Non-stick and easy to release – With a simple push, the cube will just pop out! -No odor or aftertaste – The silicone we use preserves the water’s pure taste.
Dishwasher safe. Freezer safe. – Easy to clean! – Can be used in temperature from -40 up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit.
Large spheres of ice melt slower than conventional ice – Great for cooling your whiskey or wine – Fill with mint or fruit for Sangria or summer lemonade – Use kids’ flavored drinks for popsicles or colorful drinks – Fill with coffee creamer for use in iced coffee -Try the trays as molds for baking


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