Self-Adhesive Anti-Mold ,Aluminium foil for Wall (Size May Vary)and Aluminum Foil Paper Sticker Roll for Kitchen Wall, Drawers (Silver) (40 x 200 cm)

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Weight: ‎360  g

Product Dimension:2 meter

Package Included: ‎1 New Aluminum Foil Stickers Size (40x200cm).

Bullet Points:

  • Protecting oil and sauce from splashing on your kitchen walls. Saving your drawers & shelves from dust and protecting your electrical appliances. It is a multipurpose aluminum backsplash to keep your kitchen equipment spotless
  • Compared with the ordinary wallpaper, our aluminum foil is heat resistant, and would not be damaged by the fire easily, even though the kitchen is full of water and fire except for delicious food Self-adhesive, just need to peel and stick. There are grid lines behind the wallpaper for you to scissor accurately. Removable, no glue residue.Keywords:
    Aluminum Foil Sticker self-adhesive wall sticker for kitchen Wall Sticker



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<p>Kitchen Wall Stove Aluminium Foil Oil-Proof Stickers Anti-fouling High-Temperature Self-Adhesive Croppable Wallpaper Wall Sticker available in different size . Features Suitable for kitchen, resists temperatures up to 250 Celsius .It can be used for a long time and will not deform. Easily to cut up: A grid line in square on the back, easy for you get the size when you cut. How to use Clean and dry surface with mild soap and water. Make sure that surface must be flat and cannot have any carve. Just cut out the size you want. Use dishcloth or card to remove any air bubbles. Specification</p>
<p>The kitchen aluminum foil stickers are made from plastic and aluminum foil, which is much stronger against high temperature than normal PVC sheet.  The Anti-bacterial, Anti-mold, and Eco-friendly PVC materials is safe enough to use in Kitchen.</p>
<p><strong>EASY TO USE AND CLEAN</strong></p>
<p>Self-adhesive kitchen wallpaper is easy to stick on the dry, clean and smooth surface. Anti-oil, anti-dust and anti-water, anti-moisture PVC material allows you to wipe stains easily.</p>

Additional information

Kitchen Wall Stove Aluminium Foil Oil-Proof Stickers Anti-fouling High-Temperature Self-Adhesive Croppable Wallpaper Wall Sticker available in different size . Features Suitable for kitchen, resists temperatures up to 250 Celsius .It can be used for a long time and will not deform. Easily to cut up: A grid line in square on the back, easy for you get the size when you cut. How to use Clean and dry surface with mild soap and water. Make sure that surface must be flat and cannot have any carve. Just cut out the size you want. Use dishcloth or card to remove any air bubbles. Specification


The kitchen aluminum foil stickers are made from plastic and aluminum foil, which is much stronger against high temperature than normal PVC sheet.  The Anti-bacterial, Anti-mold, and Eco-friendly PVC materials is safe enough to use in Kitchen.


Self-adhesive kitchen wallpaper is easy to stick on the dry, clean and smooth surface. Anti-oil, anti-dust and anti-water, anti-moisture PVC material allows you to wipe stains easily.


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