Plastic Vegetable Fruit Basket, Drainer, Colander, Rise/Rice Bowl and Strainer.

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Weight: ‎ ‎ 399 g

Product Dimension:‎  28 x 48 x 10cm

Package Include:  Fruit Basket With Drainer

Bullet point:

  • Prevents Food from getting wasted while straining water from the bowl. Perfect Size For Storage in Kitchen and for washing fruits, vegetables, pulses etc
  • The washer and strainer is light weight and hence easy to carry. It occupies less space and it is easy to clean. The whole process of rinsing and draining does not litter the kitchen and hence everything can be done in a systematic way.
  • Pasta, Noodles, Rice, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses, Dal, Fruits, Dry Fruits, Green Vegetables can be strained effortlessly as the process is simple. The package offers one piece in random colors.



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<p>Made of high quality Premium material, durable and practical, more easy to use. It is strong, tough, durable, high resistance to heat, Safe and harmless to use BPA free. -Drain basket is reasonably designed for draining water quickly. The product where you can use the outside bowl to soak and the 360ᵒ colander to drain the water.<br />
The colander is designed with Ultra-Fine filter holes for even distribution and fast water filtration. -It has an ergonomic handle for comfortable Effortless operation. -It is easy to use and not too difficult to disconnect and use the two pieces separately.</p>

Additional information

Made of high quality Premium material, durable and practical, more easy to use. It is strong, tough, durable, high resistance to heat, Safe and harmless to use BPA free. -Drain basket is reasonably designed for draining water quickly. The product where you can use the outside bowl to soak and the 360ᵒ colander to drain the water.
The colander is designed with Ultra-Fine filter holes for even distribution and fast water filtration. -It has an ergonomic handle for comfortable Effortless operation. -It is easy to use and not too difficult to disconnect and use the two pieces separately.


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