Plastic Adjustable Measuring Spoon Liquid and Solid Foam Measuring Scale Spoon Perfect for Reading.

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Weight: ‎  400 g

Product Dimension:‎   20 x 8 x 5 cm

Package Include : Adjustable Measuring Spoon

Bullet point:

  • Design: This adjustable measuring spoons and cups set can be used as small and large scale measuring spoon seasoning tool, which combine all teaspoons and tablespoons into a handy tool. It’s convenient for you to store these measuring spoons with magnetic on the back.
  • The small spoon can be opened through the groove at handle end. The large spoon can be pried off the handle end with a sharp tool. It’s best to measure liquid/powder with the small spoon, and solid particles with the large spoon.
  • Made of high-quality food-grade materials, BPA free, PDA-approved, our heat-resistant and corrosion-resistant product is safe to use
  • Measurement range: 5ml-30ml (0.17oz-4.40oz), 1/8 cup- 1/2 cup; It combines cup, teaspoon and tablespoon to meet different needs. Push the button to get the reading.

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<p>1. Easy to operate. Not necessary to use other measuring tools to quantify results.</p>
<p>2. Food grade material for direct contact with food, safe and healthy.</p>
<p>3. Edge of spoon is round and does not hurt the hand. Smooth and easy to operate.</p>
<p>4. Easy to clean, anti-residue, environmentally friendly.</p>
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<p>5. Magnet at the bottom for easy storage.</p>
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Additional information

1. Easy to operate. Not necessary to use other measuring tools to quantify results.

2. Food grade material for direct contact with food, safe and healthy.

3. Edge of spoon is round and does not hurt the hand. Smooth and easy to operate.

4. Easy to clean, anti-residue, environmentally friendly.

5. Magnet at the bottom for easy storage.



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