Pet Potty Training Pad Washable & Reusable Dog cat Potty Tray with Grass for Home Outdoor Garden, Dog Pee Toilet Training pad

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Weight: 450 gm

Material: Plastic

Product Dimension: 15 x 12 x 10 Centimeters

Package Included: 1 x puppy Potty Pad


Bullet Points:

  • Material: Made of ABS plastic, the pet toilet is high-quality and durable
  • The pet training grass pad is a perfect solution to pet living. If you are late for coming back home to let the dog out, this training pad offer you useful assistance.
  • This puppy grass pad features a three-layer design that is easy to assemble and convenient for you and your dog to use.
  • Made with durable plastic, artificial grass that mimics real grass to make potty training more effortless.
  • Application: The dog training pad is perfect for dog to use indoors, also suitable for patio, balcony and other places



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<h3 class="a-spacing-mini">No More Rushing Home to Let the Dog Out</h3>
<p>Pet Potty is a portable potty for dogs and other small animals that is perfect for apartments, potty training and traveling. It uses a porous grass mat and quick-drain system to immediately drain you pet&#8217;s piddle away from the surface and into a fully-enclosed reservoir. Cleanup is as easy as the spout and flushing the piddle away.</p>
<p>The design and durable materials offer a comfortable place and provide a ideal mat for your pet. It needs no assembly.</p>
<p>When using this indoor dog potty tray for small dogs, we recommend starting with a pee pad on top of its mesh grate.</p>
<p>After your dog has successfully peed with this setup several times, transition to placing the pad underneath the grate.</p>
<p>Great for working pet parents or those that live in apartments and want to train the dog to potty indoor.</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Three layer training mat</h4>
<p>The three-layer system works by sitting the mat on top of the plastic insert, which allows the liquid to drain into the included tray for easy cleanup.</p>

Additional information

No More Rushing Home to Let the Dog Out

Pet Potty is a portable potty for dogs and other small animals that is perfect for apartments, potty training and traveling. It uses a porous grass mat and quick-drain system to immediately drain you pet’s piddle away from the surface and into a fully-enclosed reservoir. Cleanup is as easy as the spout and flushing the piddle away.

The design and durable materials offer a comfortable place and provide a ideal mat for your pet. It needs no assembly.

When using this indoor dog potty tray for small dogs, we recommend starting with a pee pad on top of its mesh grate.

After your dog has successfully peed with this setup several times, transition to placing the pad underneath the grate.

Great for working pet parents or those that live in apartments and want to train the dog to potty indoor.

Three layer training mat

The three-layer system works by sitting the mat on top of the plastic insert, which allows the liquid to drain into the included tray for easy cleanup.


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