Pain Relief Acupressure Stone Slipper for Men and Women Yoga Stone paduka

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Weight: 750 Grams

Material: ‎Stone and PU

Product Dimension:   ‎ 27 x 9 x 4 cm; 

Package Included: 1 x Stone slipper

Bullet Points:

  • Made from high-quality wood and nature stone.Shoe upper(PU leather,magic sticks) / Shoe lining: natural stone / Midsole : High quality solid wood / Soles: 
  • High-density EVA anti-slip soles
  • Ideal for relieving stress, nervous and tension. Relax and enjoy yourself comfortably
  • Package Contain: 1 x Stone Massage Slippers
  • The shoe buckle can adjust the instep closely according to individual circumstances. Suitable for most feet.
  • NOTE / ATTENTION: the upper layer is made from natural stone. This is an absolute experience of walking on stone, So during using it user can feel little pain and hardness at bottom of the foot. But this is the right working of acupressure therapy for a massage at the bottom. ?It is advisable to the user to please wear it twice (Morning & Evening) in a day for little time within your home, lobby, premises etc. please not wear for the whole day, in travelling or outside the movement as it structured by stone may uncomfortable


Pain Relief Acupressure Stone Slipper Yoga paduka blood circular Enhancer Slipper sandal 

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<p><strong>Stone Foot Massage Slippers Reflexology Feet Elderly Acupuncture Health Shoes Sandals Slippers Healthy Massager</strong></p>
<li>Promote blood circulation</li>
<li>Increase immunity and relieve pain and stiffness</li>
<li>Enable the body to contact nature directly to the facilitate static release</li>
<li>Enhance relaxation to allow better sleep</li>
<li>Massage and stimulate the acupuncture points and acupuncture regions in the foot</li>
<p><strong>Why do you need a foot massage?</strong><br />
The foot is called “second heart “for it has 60 Acupoint, it&#8217;s very important to the body Health</p>
<p><strong>The sole adopts anti-skid design, Natural Stones</strong></p>
<p><strong>Massage Each Part of Foot</strong><br />
Stones distributed according to human acupoints, real natural massage<br />
Width Adjustable according to your feeling, No worry about size, it will fit you</p>
<p><strong>How to use:</strong><br />
Soaking feet in hot water<br />
Initial users have a blood barrier at foot plantar, unbearable pain will make it difficult to insist on using, it is recommended to soak feet in hot water for half an hour to promote blood circulation, so you can ease the pain massage, the massage effect will be better.</p>
<p><strong>Stepping on</strong><br />
Wear massage shoes and stand up, keep trampling for five minutes to get initial adaptation to the massage intensity.</p>
<p><strong>Walking</strong><br />
Insist on walking for 10 minutes every day, the feet plantar will have clear in blood after 20 days, the proof is that massage pain will greatly be reduced wearing this massage slipper<br />
<strong>Package included:</strong><br />
1 x pair Foot Massage Slipper</p>

Additional information

Stone Foot Massage Slippers Reflexology Feet Elderly Acupuncture Health Shoes Sandals Slippers Healthy Massager


  1. Promote blood circulation
  2. Increase immunity and relieve pain and stiffness
  3. Enable the body to contact nature directly to the facilitate static release
  4. Enhance relaxation to allow better sleep
  5. Massage and stimulate the acupuncture points and acupuncture regions in the foot


Why do you need a foot massage?
The foot is called “second heart “for it has 60 Acupoint, it’s very important to the body Health

The sole adopts anti-skid design, Natural Stones

Massage Each Part of Foot
Stones distributed according to human acupoints, real natural massage
Width Adjustable according to your feeling, No worry about size, it will fit you

How to use:
Soaking feet in hot water
Initial users have a blood barrier at foot plantar, unbearable pain will make it difficult to insist on using, it is recommended to soak feet in hot water for half an hour to promote blood circulation, so you can ease the pain massage, the massage effect will be better.

Stepping on
Wear massage shoes and stand up, keep trampling for five minutes to get initial adaptation to the massage intensity.

Insist on walking for 10 minutes every day, the feet plantar will have clear in blood after 20 days, the proof is that massage pain will greatly be reduced wearing this massage slipper
Package included:
1 x pair Foot Massage Slipper


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