Nylon Fabric Swing Single Person Garden Hammocks Striped Ultralight Beach Camping Swing with Strong Rope.

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Weight: ‎ 120kg

Product Dimension:‎  31 x 15 x 31 cm

Package Include:  Camping Swing

Bullet point:

  • The hammock comes complete with a carrying and storage bag for easy travel.
  • Durable and comfortable, Lightweight, strong, and easy to assemble
  • Light Weight Cotton Hammock / Hanging Bed :: Ideal For Outdoor Sleeping / Activities Strong Enough To Hold Weight Upto 120 Kg :: Hammock Length 230 Cm X Width 80 Cm (Sleeping Area).
    This Brazilian Hammock is Versatile, durable, and compact. Ideal for hiking, camping, climbing, boating, traveling, picnic, back-yarding, or garden and yard useKeywords:
    Tree hanging Garden hand bag Hardwood Spreader Bar Beach swing camping hammock travel camping swing Beach Swing Bed







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<p>The wood spreader bar is over 16 inches long, and canvas bed size is 59 inches wide and 75 inches long,<br />
overall length is 110 inches, it holds up to 450 pounds and has plenty of room for more than one.<br />
The wood spreader bar is curved and big, with plenty of space to grasp to pull you up while readjusting or exiting the hammock.<br />
The hardwood spreader bars that help prevent the roping from becoming tangled.<br />
It also functions as a handle to get in and out of it while you are using the hammock.<br />
Because of the wood spreader bar, the hammock will definitely swing with more efficiency and more continuously!</p>

Additional information

The wood spreader bar is over 16 inches long, and canvas bed size is 59 inches wide and 75 inches long,
overall length is 110 inches, it holds up to 450 pounds and has plenty of room for more than one.
The wood spreader bar is curved and big, with plenty of space to grasp to pull you up while readjusting or exiting the hammock.
The hardwood spreader bars that help prevent the roping from becoming tangled.
It also functions as a handle to get in and out of it while you are using the hammock.
Because of the wood spreader bar, the hammock will definitely swing with more efficiency and more continuously!


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