Magic Rotating Anti-Skid Folding Drying Rack Portable Hanging Household Wet and Dry Clothes Hanger Closet Hook.

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Weight:  330 g

Product Dimension:‎  ‎ 33 x 17 x 2  cm

Package Include:  Folding Hanger

Bullet point:

  • Perfect Design: The hooks can rotate 360 degrees freely, and the hook mouth can be applied to the range of closet wardrobe rods. Every hanger organizer can holds 9 garments vertically or horizontally. There are no sharp edges, so don’t worry about any damages, creases or marks on your clothes.
  • Super Space Saving: This magical clothes hanger can help you organize your closet. Which can help you find out your favorite dress more easily. Perfect for downsizing, dorms and apartments with limited space.
  • Durable and Sturdy: Made of high quality thicken pp material, a perfect combination with high load capacity up to 4kg. With smooth edage, it will not hurt your hands and protect your clothes.
  • Convenient To Use: Hanging hooks of this item up, hang your clothes, then drop down. The hooks can be rotated 360 degrees freely.


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<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Great Storage Solution</h4>
<p>The foldable hangers are a brilliant idea that provides a great storage solution for keeping your clothes organized in your closet.</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Works On Any Type of Hanger</h4>
<p>The fold-able hanger comes with anti-skid design as well as it is compatible with all kinds of hangers.</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Increase Closet Space</h4>
<p>The thoughtful product helps you save your closet space by 80% and gives you an increased place for storing more of your essentials.</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Versatile Use</h4>
<p>You can use the foldable hangers to hang variety of things other than clothes, such as accessories, bags, purses, scarfs, etc.</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Allows Vertical Storing</h4>
<p>The 360-degree rotation feature lets you rotate the hanger accordingly. You can use it horizontally or vertically as per your convenience</p>
<h4 class="a-spacing-mini">Sturdy Material</h4>
<p>The hanger is made of super quality and sturdy material and provides high durability so that you can use this hanger for many years to come.</p>

Additional information

Great Storage Solution

The foldable hangers are a brilliant idea that provides a great storage solution for keeping your clothes organized in your closet.

Works On Any Type of Hanger

The fold-able hanger comes with anti-skid design as well as it is compatible with all kinds of hangers.

Increase Closet Space

The thoughtful product helps you save your closet space by 80% and gives you an increased place for storing more of your essentials.

Versatile Use

You can use the foldable hangers to hang variety of things other than clothes, such as accessories, bags, purses, scarfs, etc.

Allows Vertical Storing

The 360-degree rotation feature lets you rotate the hanger accordingly. You can use it horizontally or vertically as per your convenience

Sturdy Material

The hanger is made of super quality and sturdy material and provides high durability so that you can use this hanger for many years to come.



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