Magic Folding Clothes Hanger,360 Degree Rotating Hooks The Space Saving ,Durable and Non-Slipping Foldable 8 in 1 Closet Organizer Hanger

HSN: 7326 (GST 18%) Categories: ,

Weight: 350 gm

Material: ABS Plastic

Product Dimension: 51*42*17 Cm

Package Included: 1 x Magic Cloth hanger

Bullet Points:

  • 8 in 1 Design: One hanger space, equal to eight hanger function, no matter how many clothes can be very easy to tidy up, as long as you put a few space saving hangers in the wardrobe, you will have a magic big wardrobe.
  • High-grade/thick/non-slip: High-grade appearance, can match your wardrobe;The material used is very thick and can be used for a long time.Each hanger has anti-skid function, which can effectively prevent the clothes from slipping off when drying.
  • 360-degree rotation/flexible interface: The hanger’s two-way hooks can be rotated 360 degrees, you can hang the hanger horizontally in the cabinet, or vertically, to get more storage space; Each interface is flexible and can be easily unrolled or folded.
  • Both indoor and outdoor, small and easy to carry: Can be used for indoor clothing storage, can also be used for balcony or outdoor drying, Small enough to carry when traveling or camping,
  • Food grade health material: The hanger is made of wheat straw, which is often used to make various tableware. It is green and has no unpleasant smell, so it can be used to dry children’s clothes.


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<p><span style="font-size: 16px;"><b>Features of Hangers</b></span></p>
<p><b>To protect your clothes</b><br />
we have smoothed metal the hanger is featuring smooth, rounded edges and no notches for a quick, snag free removal and it would not hurt your skin and your cloths. You can take it to anywhere that you want.<br />
<b>Save your space</b><br />
The Folding Hanger can saving space more than 85% of the wardrobe. And you can hang many clothes in the space of one whether horizontally or vertically. This new function may solve the issue of small space but the clothes too much.<br />
<b>360°Rotating Hanger</b><br />
360-degree rotation, You can adjust the angle of the clothes. Uniform lighting, so that the all angle of clothes can be full dry by Sun. You can also adjust the angle according the layout of the wardrobe</p>
<p><b>Foldable Design</b></p>
<p>Our clothing hangers provide better organization for your wardrobe. They make your closet tidier and act like space saving tools so you don’t get a mess.</p>

Additional information

Features of Hangers

To protect your clothes
we have smoothed metal the hanger is featuring smooth, rounded edges and no notches for a quick, snag free removal and it would not hurt your skin and your cloths. You can take it to anywhere that you want.
Save your space
The Folding Hanger can saving space more than 85% of the wardrobe. And you can hang many clothes in the space of one whether horizontally or vertically. This new function may solve the issue of small space but the clothes too much.
360°Rotating Hanger
360-degree rotation, You can adjust the angle of the clothes. Uniform lighting, so that the all angle of clothes can be full dry by Sun. You can also adjust the angle according the layout of the wardrobe

Foldable Design

Our clothing hangers provide better organization for your wardrobe. They make your closet tidier and act like space saving tools so you don’t get a mess.



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