Indoor/Outdoor Electric Grill Portable Tabletop Grill Kitchen BBQ Grills Adjustable Temperature Control, Removable Water Filled Drip Tray, 2000W, Black

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Weight: 2200g

Material: Steel + iron

Wattage:2000 Watts

Product Dimension: 47 x 10 x 30 Centimeters

Package Included: 1x Electric barbeque stove

Bullet Points:

    • JOIN IN COOKING TOGETHER: The surface area of ​​our grill measures 50 cm x 50 cm x 70 cm, large enough to cook a meal for home entertaining and friends gathering, besides, each person can enjoy a happy cooking experience at dinner time!
    • ADJUSTABLE TEMPERATURE: Electric table grill owns 5 temperature settings by controlling the adjustable thermostat so that you can choose the most suitable temperature to cook various foods to the best result, such as beef, chicken, fish, vegetables, etc.
    • THERMOSTATICALLY CONTROLLED: Chrome plated grill and stainless steel heating elements.
    • WHATEVER THE WEATHER: use this electric indoor tabletop / work-surface barbeque grill no matter what the weather throws your way.
    • BRING THE BBQ EXPERIENCE INDOORS: You can still experience the pleasure of barbeque cooking with this grill.


Smokeless Electric BBQ Grill Indoor Outdoor Portable Tabletop Grill Kitchen BBQ Grills Adjustable Temperature Control stove




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<p><strong>Smokeless Electric Indoor Barbecue Grill, 2000w</strong></p>
<p><strong>Delicious grilled food with virtually no smoke</strong></p>
<p>The Smoke-less Indoor Barbecue Grill was made so that you can enjoy more of the great grilled food indoors in a more clean and pleasant way. This grill works by means of advanced infrared heating technology, which cooks your food perfectly while reducing the amount of smoke and oil splattering caused by burning fat.</p>
<p><strong>Smoke-less technology</strong></p>
<p>The advanced infrared technology, together with the special reflectors guide the heat towards the grid achieving delicious, evenly cooked food, while leaving the grease tray cool enough to minimize the unpleasant smoke and grease.</p>
<p><strong>Easy to use and clean</strong></p>
<p>With its simple 2-piece design, our smoke-less grill is incredibly easy to set-up and use. Just put the grill on the base, flip the switch and you will be grilling in no time. And thanks to the clever interior design, it only takes a moment to wipe the non-stick surfaces clean. Minimal splattering also keeps your cooking surfaces neat and clean.</p>
<p>With power indicator light<br />
Detachable three heights adjustable grill wire<br />
Chrome grill<br />
Durable stainless steel Healing element<br />
Easy to clean electric barbecue grill<br />
Automatic control with thermostat<br />
Cool touch hand<br />
Household use only<br />
Rated power: 2000w</p>

Additional information

Smokeless Electric Indoor Barbecue Grill, 2000w

Delicious grilled food with virtually no smoke

The Smoke-less Indoor Barbecue Grill was made so that you can enjoy more of the great grilled food indoors in a more clean and pleasant way. This grill works by means of advanced infrared heating technology, which cooks your food perfectly while reducing the amount of smoke and oil splattering caused by burning fat.

Smoke-less technology

The advanced infrared technology, together with the special reflectors guide the heat towards the grid achieving delicious, evenly cooked food, while leaving the grease tray cool enough to minimize the unpleasant smoke and grease.

Easy to use and clean

With its simple 2-piece design, our smoke-less grill is incredibly easy to set-up and use. Just put the grill on the base, flip the switch and you will be grilling in no time. And thanks to the clever interior design, it only takes a moment to wipe the non-stick surfaces clean. Minimal splattering also keeps your cooking surfaces neat and clean.


With power indicator light
Detachable three heights adjustable grill wire
Chrome grill
Durable stainless steel Healing element
Easy to clean electric barbecue grill
Automatic control with thermostat
Cool touch hand
Household use only
Rated power: 2000w


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