Home Fitness Equipment Sit-ups and Push-ups Assistant Device Lose Weight Gym Workout Abdominal curl Exercise with Suction Cup

HSN: 9506 (GST 18%) Category:

Weight: 750gm

Material:  Metal

Product Dimension: 6 x 21 x 2 cm

Package Included: ‎1 x Exercise Sit Up

Bullet Points:

  • This self-suction sit-up bar is designed to free your hands and do exercises on your own. Rubber sucker firmly grips the floor to ensure a safe and stable stand for your training.
  • You can use it to exercise your abdomen at home. If you have a yoga mat, You can put your yoga near it and train nicely.
  • The foot sits up Bar is very easy for home installation without the need for any tools, it with bottom sucker, only to find dry and clean flat ground, then put down the sit-up bar on the ground, pull down the lock. Lastly, adjust the gear position.
  • Sit up bar can help you exercise many kinds of parts, suitable bird movements, high lift lower limbs, bridge hips, support lateral extensions, push-ups, sit-ups, lean over, flat support.
  • The sit-up foot holder is lightweight and compact, it can be used to exercise at home or in the office so you don’t have to go to the gym.



Sit ups Assistant Device Upgraded Sit-up Fitness Equipment Muscle Exercise Abdominal Device Portable Sit Up Bar

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<p><strong>➺【 Fitness at anytime and anywhere 】 </strong></p>
<p>With this sit up equipment, you can exercise whenever you want at home, office, not only in the gym.<br />
You can use them to intensify your muscles and build an ideal figure!</p>
<p><strong>➺【 Features 】 </strong></p>
<p>Sit up bar Small size, not occupy space, light weight for easy storage.<br />
A button switch, start three seconds. Waterproof and moisture proof, safer to use.<br />
Self-Suction Thick soft foam, soft and comfortable without hurting the feet.<br />
Sit up equipment Three gear height, free to adjust. Through the spring snaps freely adjust their comfort level. Suitable for the whole family.<br />
Sit up suction The diameter of rubber thickened double suction cup reaches 8.66 inch to provide a larger suction cup area and higher stability.<br />
Play belly movement ,stretching back, elbow plank, press-up, etc.<br />
Compact design, s-shaped curve, easy to carry, easy to use. It&#8217;s perfect for home-based strength training.<br />
Upgrade bottom rubber sucker of this sit up bar, provide strong suction, more secure and stable.</p>
<p><strong>➺【 How to use 】 </strong><br />
➺Step 1.Choose smooth ground<br />
➺Step 2.Clean the floor suction cup<br />
➺Step 3.Sucker installation<br />
➺Step 4.Height adjustment</p>
<p><strong>➺【 Specification  】 </strong><br />
Material :- Foam + Metal<br />
Size :-27.3cm x 17-21cm (Adjustable in height)<br />
Color :- Black</p>
<p><strong>➺【 Package Included 】 </strong><br />
1 x Push up Device</p>
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Additional information

➺【 Fitness at anytime and anywhere 】 

With this sit up equipment, you can exercise whenever you want at home, office, not only in the gym.
You can use them to intensify your muscles and build an ideal figure!

➺【 Features 】 

Sit up bar Small size, not occupy space, light weight for easy storage.
A button switch, start three seconds. Waterproof and moisture proof, safer to use.
Self-Suction Thick soft foam, soft and comfortable without hurting the feet.
Sit up equipment Three gear height, free to adjust. Through the spring snaps freely adjust their comfort level. Suitable for the whole family.
Sit up suction The diameter of rubber thickened double suction cup reaches 8.66 inch to provide a larger suction cup area and higher stability.
Play belly movement ,stretching back, elbow plank, press-up, etc.
Compact design, s-shaped curve, easy to carry, easy to use. It’s perfect for home-based strength training.
Upgrade bottom rubber sucker of this sit up bar, provide strong suction, more secure and stable.

➺【 How to use 】 
➺Step 1.Choose smooth ground
➺Step 2.Clean the floor suction cup
➺Step 3.Sucker installation
➺Step 4.Height adjustment

➺【 Specification  】 
Material :- Foam + Metal
Size :-27.3cm x 17-21cm (Adjustable in height)
Color :- Black

➺【 Package Included 】 
1 x Push up Device



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