Folding Portable Tripod Stool Three Legged Stool for Outdoor Camping, Trekking, Travels, Beaches

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Weight: 489 Grams

Product Dimension: 15 x 15 x 10   cm.

Package Included: ‎1 Tripod Stool

Bullet Points:


easily folds open and securely closes with a hook and loop strap; set up or put back in the carrying bag in seconds


stable triangular design and textured anti-slip pad on each leg make sure the stool won’t wobble or slip


supports up to 100kg sitting weight; distributes weight evenly for a comfortable sitting


made of waterproof 600D Oxford cloth for maximum durability; constructed with iron pipes, the frame is sturdy enough for long time use.


Folding Three Leg Picnic Outdoor Stool Fishing Chair Beach Chair Camping chair folding stool hiking chair 


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<p>Adjustable carry and closure strap. Useful in all areas and activities. Durable canvas cloth and strong structure Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, picnics, swap meets, waiting in line, bus stops, patio, garden, lawn, beach, flea markets, outdoor performances, sporting events, barbeques and much more. The convenient carrying strap attached to the chair makes it easy to put it over your shoulder and head out the door. If you&#8217;re looking for more compact travel, just place it the carrying bag, pull the drawstrings taut and be on your way. Folds and stores easily. It&#8217;s so compact you can fit it in your backpack! It folds and unfolds easily and is convenient if you need a chair on the go. Great for kids since it&#8217;s small and light, but perfect for adults as well. This is a folding portable camping stool to carry with you or keep in the trunk of your car. You need a tripod stool for: &#8211; Soccer Games Football, wrestling tennis volleyball swimming &#8211; Photography &#8211; Gardening &#8211; Sporting Events &#8211; Waiting in Line &#8211; Concerts &#8211; Fishing &#8211; Camping &#8211; &amp; all your other general seating needs! Perfect for camping, a day at the beach, an outdoor concert, fishing, hunting, golfing. Durable &#8211; Built to last Keep in your car just-in-case Weighs only 0.68kg. Can hold up to 100Kg weight capacity Unlike traditional bulky foldable chairs, this portable stool is compact and made from steel. It’s durable construction is</p>

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Adjustable carry and closure strap. Useful in all areas and activities. Durable canvas cloth and strong structure Perfect for camping, fishing, hunting, picnics, swap meets, waiting in line, bus stops, patio, garden, lawn, beach, flea markets, outdoor performances, sporting events, barbeques and much more. The convenient carrying strap attached to the chair makes it easy to put it over your shoulder and head out the door. If you’re looking for more compact travel, just place it the carrying bag, pull the drawstrings taut and be on your way. Folds and stores easily. It’s so compact you can fit it in your backpack! It folds and unfolds easily and is convenient if you need a chair on the go. Great for kids since it’s small and light, but perfect for adults as well. This is a folding portable camping stool to carry with you or keep in the trunk of your car. You need a tripod stool for: – Soccer Games Football, wrestling tennis volleyball swimming – Photography – Gardening – Sporting Events – Waiting in Line – Concerts – Fishing – Camping – & all your other general seating needs! Perfect for camping, a day at the beach, an outdoor concert, fishing, hunting, golfing. Durable – Built to last Keep in your car just-in-case Weighs only 0.68kg. Can hold up to 100Kg weight capacity Unlike traditional bulky foldable chairs, this portable stool is compact and made from steel. It’s durable construction is


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