Car Windshield Repair Kit, Auto Glass Repair Kit for Cracks & Chips, Bulls-Eye,Star-Shaped,Nicks,Half-Moon Crescents

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Weight: 400 Grams

Product Dimension: ‎‎10 x 10 x 10 cm

Package Included: ‎1 x kit

Bullet Points:

  • PERFECT TOOL – Professional quality Do-It-Yourself windshield cracks/chips repairs with no mixing required, windshield repair kit can quickly and effectively repair small cracks chips only in 20-30 minutes. Save your time and money to won’t damage from spreading, restores windshield to near new condition. Long-lasting maintenance effect.
  • Easy Operation and Quick Repair: Windshield glass repair tools are suitable for repairing all types of laminated windscreen chips and cracks, first step (clean and dry the glass surface before construction and then squeeze the resin into the cracks) second step, (the put on the cured film, quickly dry and solidify under ultraviolet light 5-10 mins) third step, (it is to scrape off the residual resin with a spatula) you can also easily use it to repair cars.
  • SAFE & GREAT SERVICE – The repair job requires hands-on ability, if there are any quality-related issues with the item, please contact us anytime, we can provide technical support when you need it.
  • Advanced Formula – Our windshield repair kit contains a special deep penetrating resin imported repair fluid , the shear strength can reach 20PA, Enhanced injection plastic injection moulding head, can produce a strong pressure to push the repair liquid into cracks for maximum strength and skill . It can helps you minimize the appearance to achieve better repair effects.


Windshield Kits for Window Repair  Windscreen Glass Scratch Crack  Auto Glass Repair Kit for Cracks and Chips Bulls


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<p>1. Allows anyone to fix a damaged windshield or window, repairs all types of breaks, also be used on home glazing, glass furniture etc.</p>
<p>2. Works best on round damage not more than one inch in diameter, and cracks not longer than 12 inches.</p>
<p>3. Minimize the appearance, and stop the spread of chips and cracks in your windscreen, repairs completed in 20 minutes</p>
<p>4. Creates an invisible, undetectable repair in damaged automobile windshields or other laminated glass windows</p>
<p>5. Instructions are provided</p>
<p>6.No heating is required</p>
<p>1. Our windshield repair kit easy to use product removes air from the break, fills it with a durable resin, and makes it even stronger than before.</p>
<p>2. For best result, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs, and before the break is contaminated by dirt or water.</p>
<p>3. In addition, avoid the use of glass treatments after the crack has formed and prior to repair.</p>
<p>4. However, glass treatments can be applied one week after repair.</p>
<p>5. It does not repair damage to more than one layer of glass.</p>
<p>6. For all types of lamented windshields.</p>
<p>7. Minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks in your windshield.</p>
<p>8. Durable resin formula.</p>
<p><strong>Package contents:</strong></p>
<p>1 x Windshield Repair Kit</p>
<p>1 x Instruction Manual</p>

Additional information

1. Allows anyone to fix a damaged windshield or window, repairs all types of breaks, also be used on home glazing, glass furniture etc.

2. Works best on round damage not more than one inch in diameter, and cracks not longer than 12 inches.

3. Minimize the appearance, and stop the spread of chips and cracks in your windscreen, repairs completed in 20 minutes

4. Creates an invisible, undetectable repair in damaged automobile windshields or other laminated glass windows

5. Instructions are provided

6.No heating is required


1. Our windshield repair kit easy to use product removes air from the break, fills it with a durable resin, and makes it even stronger than before.

2. For best result, repairs should be made as soon as possible after the damage occurs, and before the break is contaminated by dirt or water.

3. In addition, avoid the use of glass treatments after the crack has formed and prior to repair.

4. However, glass treatments can be applied one week after repair.

5. It does not repair damage to more than one layer of glass.

6. For all types of lamented windshields.

7. Minimizes the appearance of chips and cracks in your windshield.

8. Durable resin formula.

Package contents:

1 x Windshield Repair Kit

1 x Instruction Manual


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