Balloon Manual Hand Pump for Foil / Balloons Pumper/Air pump/Ballon Pumping for Birthday Decorations Items, Bicycle Pump Tyre Sports Balls Inflatables Toys Pump Accessories

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Weight: 300gm

Material:  ABS

Product Dimension: 15 x 15 x 10 cm

Package Included: 1x Baloon Air pump , 1x Air Nozzle , 1X Needle adapter and 1 X plastic valve adapters

Bullet Points:

  • Perfect as bike tire pump, air mattress pump, soccer ball pump, yoga ball pump, air pump for inflatables and more.
  • They can be used anywhere anytime and for any occasion you wish to celebrate. Whether it is a party in the office, a Christmas bash, a baby shower, wedding, or a casual party for friends, balloons are essential.
  • This manual inflator is durable and easy to use.
  • Portable Design: light weight material and portable design to pump your tire anytime and anywhere
  • Flexible hose: Sometimes it can be very difficult to reach the tire valve. Our innovative flexible hose can easily reach those awkward position of the valve and can take the stress off the valve stem and attach securely to ensure no air can escape during inflation.
  • This inflator has a round mouth nozzle which lets you fill the air inside the balloons tyre more quickly.


balloon pumps Air Inflator Bicycle Pump Tyre Sports Balls Inflatables Hand Activated Manual air pump

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<p><strong>PRODUCT FEATURE</strong></p>
It can work on bicycle, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer ball, or pool floats like swim rings and river tubes.</li>
<li>The ideal pump for every day use or stowing away in your home. Portable and easy to use.<br />
It suitable for various inflatable toys, balloons, basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, life buoys, yoga balls, etc.</li>
<li>The pump comes with multi accessories, which is convenient to use.<br />
Our balloon air pump operates smoothly and has good grip, allowing it to be operated by adults as well as older kids</li>
Can inflate for bicycles, electric vehicles, cars, motorcycles, baby carriages gas-filled, wheelchairs, air cushion, swimming ring, basketball, football, life buoy, air bed, and any inflatable balls toys.</p>

Additional information


    It can work on bicycle, basketball, football, volleyball and soccer ball, or pool floats like swim rings and river tubes.
  • The ideal pump for every day use or stowing away in your home. Portable and easy to use.
    It suitable for various inflatable toys, balloons, basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, life buoys, yoga balls, etc.
  • The pump comes with multi accessories, which is convenient to use.
    Our balloon air pump operates smoothly and has good grip, allowing it to be operated by adults as well as older kids

Can inflate for bicycles, electric vehicles, cars, motorcycles, baby carriages gas-filled, wheelchairs, air cushion, swimming ring, basketball, football, life buoy, air bed, and any inflatable balls toys.


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