Aluminum Laptop Stand Adjustable Portable Laptop Holder, Aluminum Alloy Desktop Mount Compatible with 10-17 Inch MacBook PC-Notebook, Tablet, Think pad.

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Weight: ‎ 280 g

Product Dimension:‎  26.7 x 6.2 x 2.9 cm

Package Include:  laptop stand aluminum

Bullet point:

  • Multi-Angle Adjustable Design : Laptop stand provides 6 step level adjustable height, adjust to comfortable operating angle based on your actual need. And the ergonomic design lets you fix posture and reduce your neck fatigue, back pain, and eye strain.
  • Cooling & Ventilation : Laptop stand can offers an open space, airflow is increased significantly around the areas of laptop. It prevents your laptop from overheating during use so the battery life and internal components life also improves.
  • Foldable & Lightweight : This Laptop Stand is Creative, Portable & Light Weight ( 270 gram only). It comes with a portable storage bag to make it easy to carry and use at the home, office or other places.
  • Sturdy & Protective : This Laptop Holder is made of aluminum alloy material with Non-slip silicone rubber. it can protect your device from scratches and sliding. This Design is more sturdy enough to hold up to 40lbs weight.








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<p>laptop stand is a user-Friendly Design Collapsible Lightweight, Portable, Solid &amp; Stable Construction. Relieves the wrist, neck, and spine fatigue caused by using a laptop for long periods of time. Easy to Use Just use your thumbs and forefingers to pinch outward to open or press close quickly. Minimalism Your laptop will have better ventilation and extended life.<br />
Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics, you can take it to anywhere you wanna go. A compact and lighter design is also fully collapsible, making this ideal for business travelers and as a gift. Portable and Foldable Multiple Angle and Height Adjustment Thoughtful and Ergonomic Design Heat Dissipation Design Superior Material for Steady Holding Product Parameters and Features: Color: Silver Material: Aluminum alloy.</p>

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laptop stand is a user-Friendly Design Collapsible Lightweight, Portable, Solid & Stable Construction. Relieves the wrist, neck, and spine fatigue caused by using a laptop for long periods of time. Easy to Use Just use your thumbs and forefingers to pinch outward to open or press close quickly. Minimalism Your laptop will have better ventilation and extended life.
Raises notebook screen height to eye level for better ergonomics, you can take it to anywhere you wanna go. A compact and lighter design is also fully collapsible, making this ideal for business travelers and as a gift. Portable and Foldable Multiple Angle and Height Adjustment Thoughtful and Ergonomic Design Heat Dissipation Design Superior Material for Steady Holding Product Parameters and Features: Color: Silver Material: Aluminum alloy.


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