7 Mode Torch Light High Power Long Distance with Power Bank/Rechargeable with Solar- Black

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Weight: 500 Grams

Material: ABS

Product Dimension:15 x 10 x 6 cm;

Package Included: ‎1x Torch light

Bullet Points:

    • 7 Working Modes Flashlight: Headlight (4-6hrs) – High, Medium and Flashing, Side White Lamp (4-7hrs) – High and Medium, Side Red Light (6-7hrs) – Flashing and Slow-flashing; Press the switch to change working mode and long press 3s to change working LED
    • Hands-Free and Safety: With a powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight head, you could attach it to the car or other metallic surface to use as a work light, camping lamp, or emergency warning light
    • Car Emergency Escape Tool: With the glass window breaker, it will be helpful to cut the jammed seat belt, break the stuck window and bring safe escape in emergencies
    • Reliable and Necessary: It comes with a weather-resistant anodized aluminum alloy body, easy to grip, tail with a compass for outdoors; Not just for auto emergencies, also great for working, camping, or hiking.
    • Rechargeable Emergency Power Bank: This solar flashlight has a built-in 2000mAh 18650 battery, could be charged with included USB Cable (4-5hrs) or Solar Power, using the USB cable to connect your phone with the flashlight and charge your phone for emergency


7 Mode multi-purpose Rechargeable Solar LED Torch Flashlight  Power Bank  Car Emergency Tool with Window Breaker Magnet Cutter Compass for Travel Camping Hiking Security

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<p><strong>:::Product Description::::</strong></p>
<li>Solar Powered Flashlight with 7 working modes designed for your different needs. Environment-friendly, durable, portable, Not just for auto emergencies, also great for working, camping, or hiking.</li>
<li>This flashlight can be charged either through a USB charger or via solar energy.<br />
It has built-in 5V 50MA mono-crystalline solar panels that charge the 2000mAh 18650 battery.</li>
<li>It can also be used as a mini power bank to charge your smartphones on the go as it is built-in with a rechargeable battery.</li>
<li>The tail of the flashlight has a compass that can be detached and used to lead you accurately in the appropriate direction.</li>
<li>The design of the flashlight is such that it can assist you in exiting the vehicle during emergency situations.</li>
<li>It has a built-in seat-belt cutter, to cut jammed seat belts.</li>
<li>A safety hammer, to break open a window and a classic high-intensity flashlight to find your way.</li>
<li>A powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight&#8217;s head allows you to attach to your car or onto any metal surface.</li>
<li>The flashlight features functional light beam modes such as headlight (high beam), medium and flashing, side white lamp (high and medium), and side red light (flashing and slow flashing).</li>
<li>The modes can be toggled by just long pressing the control button for 3 seconds.<br />
At the same flashlight with USB output can charge for mobile phones and other digital devices while on outdoor</li>

Additional information

:::Product Description::::

  1. Solar Powered Flashlight with 7 working modes designed for your different needs. Environment-friendly, durable, portable, Not just for auto emergencies, also great for working, camping, or hiking.
  2. This flashlight can be charged either through a USB charger or via solar energy.
    It has built-in 5V 50MA mono-crystalline solar panels that charge the 2000mAh 18650 battery.
  3. It can also be used as a mini power bank to charge your smartphones on the go as it is built-in with a rechargeable battery.
  4. The tail of the flashlight has a compass that can be detached and used to lead you accurately in the appropriate direction.
  5. The design of the flashlight is such that it can assist you in exiting the vehicle during emergency situations.
  6. It has a built-in seat-belt cutter, to cut jammed seat belts.
  7. A safety hammer, to break open a window and a classic high-intensity flashlight to find your way.
  8. A powerful magnet on the side of the flashlight’s head allows you to attach to your car or onto any metal surface.
  9. The flashlight features functional light beam modes such as headlight (high beam), medium and flashing, side white lamp (high and medium), and side red light (flashing and slow flashing).
  10. The modes can be toggled by just long pressing the control button for 3 seconds.
    At the same flashlight with USB output can charge for mobile phones and other digital devices while on outdoor


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