6 Person Tent for Camping Waterproof Outdoor Tent House.

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Weight: ‎360  g

Product Dimension:1 kg

Package Included: ‎1 6 Person Tent

Bullet Points:

  • Easy to set up and dismantle, ideal for camping and outdoor activities
  • Perfect design: comfort, space, convenience, waterproof camping tent with large double doors for easy in-and-out.
  • Tent structure: single layer (waterproof) establish case: need to establish inner
  • Ideal tent: great for any occasions, you can use tent for traveling, backpacking, hiking, festivals outdoors Easy to carry: portable storage bag, when you are finished with your trip, you can simply place the tent components back into the carrying bag to easily pack up and transport.Keywords:
    hunting tent house Outdoor Camping Tent picnic house tent Dome Tent Trekking tent Hiking tent fishing tent Tracking Dome tent


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<p>Portable Tent Campers Usually Think That Lightweight And Portable Camping Tent Is Always Best For Camping Trips. This Tent Can Meet Your Demand. The Large Space And Stable Frame Of The Outdoor Tent Provides A Comfortable Environment For You. Furthermore, This Tent Is Also Ideal To Use Even During Extreme Weather Conditions And Can Easily Be Folded And Tucked Directly Inside Your Vehicle Or Anywhere You Want To Place It Since It Is Foldable. Overall, This Tent Has All The Features That You Need While Spending Time Outdoors. Features: 1. With Individual Design, The Outdoor Tents Are Easy To Set Up And Take Down 2. The Large Space And Stable Frame Of The Outdoor Tents Provide Comfortable Environment For You 3. The Fiberglass Frame Of The Outdoor Tents Is Sturdy And Practical 4. Being Made Of High Quality Material, The Outdoor Tents Are Durable Enough For Long Time Usage 5. Keep Your Load Limber And Organized During Long Hikes And Extended Excursions With The Camping Tents</p>

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Portable Tent Campers Usually Think That Lightweight And Portable Camping Tent Is Always Best For Camping Trips. This Tent Can Meet Your Demand. The Large Space And Stable Frame Of The Outdoor Tent Provides A Comfortable Environment For You. Furthermore, This Tent Is Also Ideal To Use Even During Extreme Weather Conditions And Can Easily Be Folded And Tucked Directly Inside Your Vehicle Or Anywhere You Want To Place It Since It Is Foldable. Overall, This Tent Has All The Features That You Need While Spending Time Outdoors. Features: 1. With Individual Design, The Outdoor Tents Are Easy To Set Up And Take Down 2. The Large Space And Stable Frame Of The Outdoor Tents Provide Comfortable Environment For You 3. The Fiberglass Frame Of The Outdoor Tents Is Sturdy And Practical 4. Being Made Of High Quality Material, The Outdoor Tents Are Durable Enough For Long Time Usage 5. Keep Your Load Limber And Organized During Long Hikes And Extended Excursions With The Camping Tents


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