4 Bulbs LED Vanity Makeup Light for Mirror Beauty LED Light Set of 4 LED Bulb Lights for Mirror Brightness for Dressing, Studio Glow light

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Weight: 350g Grams

Material: Plastic

Product Dimension: 18 x 4 x 4 Centimeters

Package Included: ‎1 x Studio Makeup Light

Bullet Points:

  • Package Included : 1 x Studio Makeup Light
  • Power by 4 x AA Battery ( Not Included )
  • Cordless design, installs in seconds using included suction cups, no tools or wiring required.
  • Allow you blend in your bathroom or bedroom for a seamless look
  • 4 Led Bulb, Color : White


Led light make up light glow light Vanity Mirror Lights Studio Glow Make-up Light Natural Light with 4 LED Bulbs and Powerful Suction Cups

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<li>Now you can always look your best with natural, even lighting that&#8217;s bright enough to see the finest details but with a softness that guarantees you apply the perfect amount of makeup every time.</li>
<li>Studio Glow Makeup Lights are cordless, powerful studio lights that instantly turn any ordinary mirror into a professional makeup mirror.<br />
The secret is the true Quad light technology which gives you the most natural illumination for flawless makeup application in any room, anywhere.<br />
Poor lighting, whether it be too harsh or too dim, can cause a host of makeup mistakes.</li>
<li>From too much blush and poorly blended foundation to eye makeup that&#8217;s uneven or overpowering.</li>
<li>But with Studio Glow Makeup Lights, you always have the perfect lighting to conceal, blend and apply plus tweeze with ease, never missing another stray hair again.</li>
<li>Studio Glow Makeup Lights install in seconds with no tools and no wiring plus the stay-cool bulbs are guaranteed to last up to 50,000 hours.<br />
And when you are travelling on vacation or business, don&#8217;t forget your Studio Glow Makeup Lights.</li>
<li>Simply take it off your mirror and slip it in your suitcase to instantly brighten even the darkest hotel bathrooms. Looking your best at home or on the road has never been easier</li>

Additional information

  • Now you can always look your best with natural, even lighting that’s bright enough to see the finest details but with a softness that guarantees you apply the perfect amount of makeup every time.
  • Studio Glow Makeup Lights are cordless, powerful studio lights that instantly turn any ordinary mirror into a professional makeup mirror.
    The secret is the true Quad light technology which gives you the most natural illumination for flawless makeup application in any room, anywhere.
    Poor lighting, whether it be too harsh or too dim, can cause a host of makeup mistakes.
  • From too much blush and poorly blended foundation to eye makeup that’s uneven or overpowering.
  • But with Studio Glow Makeup Lights, you always have the perfect lighting to conceal, blend and apply plus tweeze with ease, never missing another stray hair again.
  • Studio Glow Makeup Lights install in seconds with no tools and no wiring plus the stay-cool bulbs are guaranteed to last up to 50,000 hours.
    And when you are travelling on vacation or business, don’t forget your Studio Glow Makeup Lights.
  • Simply take it off your mirror and slip it in your suitcase to instantly brighten even the darkest hotel bathrooms. Looking your best at home or on the road has never been easier


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