2 Layer S Shape Stainless Steel Kitchen Dish Drainer Storage Rack Holder Glass, Plate, Fruits and Vegetable Utensils Storage Organizer

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Weight: 450gm

Material:  Steel

Package Included: Dish Drainer Steel

Bullet Points:

  • ★ HEAVY-DUTY DESIGN ★ :- We’ve designed this kitchen dish rack with 100% premium-grade stainless steel, making it completely sturdy and able to be filled up without breaking. It’s also reinforced with two S shaped bars on both ends for extra durability.
  • ★ 2 TIER DISH DRAINER ★ :- You’ll be able to fit plenty of dishes in our stainless-steel dish rack thanks to its 2-tier design. With the bottom half being able to hold bowls, cups, and pots, the top half can hold plenty of plates, pans, and more.
  • ★ SIMPLE TO CLEAN ★ :- Our 2-tier dish rack is extremely easy to clean due in part to its open and thin bar design. Allowing you to easily fit your sponge in-between each bar. Once it’s washed, you can easily rinse it off using your sink’s faucet head.
  • ★ UTENSIL AND MUG HOLDERS ★ :- We’ve attached two holders to our dish rack and drainer. One is made to hold your utensils such as forks, spoons, and knife. The other is great for hanging mugs, bowls, small skillets, and other hangable dishes.
  • ★ GREAT FOR AIR DRYING ★ :- With its open design and plastic drip catcher on the bottom, this kitchen dish rack is great for air drying all of your favorite dishes. The drip catcher makes it perfect for sitting on your counter top without getting it wet.



S shape rack Stainless Steel S Shape 2 Layer Kitchen Dish Drainer Organizer Storage Rack

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<p>Modern chrome plated finish, this high quality 2 tier dish drying rack comes with a cutlery drying basket and a cup drainer on the sides. The top tier can hold up to 17 plates while the flat bottom tier is ideal for holding mugs and bowls. The two bars up top can be used to carry the rack, while the plastic tray at the bottom can prevent water from dripping on to the countertop. The side drainer can hold 6 cups or glasses and the 2-compartment cutlery can be used to dry utensils and other cooking tools.</p>
<li>Color: Silver</li>
<li>Size:44x38x25 cm</li>
<li>Material: Stainless steel</li>
<li>Net weight: 1950g</li>
<li>Electric plate, special surface treatment, polishing gloss and rustproof</li>
<li>Easy to assemble</li>
<li>Heat resistant up to 932°F</li>
<li>Dual layers design to save more space</li>
<li>A must-have for each household</li>
<li>Make your kitchen looks nice and clean</li>

Additional information

Modern chrome plated finish, this high quality 2 tier dish drying rack comes with a cutlery drying basket and a cup drainer on the sides. The top tier can hold up to 17 plates while the flat bottom tier is ideal for holding mugs and bowls. The two bars up top can be used to carry the rack, while the plastic tray at the bottom can prevent water from dripping on to the countertop. The side drainer can hold 6 cups or glasses and the 2-compartment cutlery can be used to dry utensils and other cooking tools.



  • Color: Silver
  • Size:44x38x25 cm
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Net weight: 1950g
  • Electric plate, special surface treatment, polishing gloss and rustproof
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heat resistant up to 932°F
  • Dual layers design to save more space
  • A must-have for each household
  • Make your kitchen looks nice and clean


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