2 Kg Kids Play Sand Bucket Activity Kit Natural Scented Sand Molded Tools in, Free Flowing & Easy to Mold Play Sand, Sensory Sand Kit, Gift for Boys & Girls (2 kg Box)

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Weight: 2kg

Material: Kinetic Sand

Product Dimension: 15 x 12 x 10 Centimeters

Package Included: Sand box with Toy molds

Bullet Points:

    • Kinetic Moving Sand sticks only to itself and not to you or your clothes. Stretch it, mould it and watch it flow through your fingers that never dries out for hours of creative play.
    • Inflatable Universe Sandbox is perfect for indoor play and easy cleanup Conveniently store everything in the included bucket with a carrying handle. (Kids Only For Above 5 Years Age)Active Sand never dries out and is gluten-free. Bring Beach At Your Home that You have to touch it to believe it, Sand feels like wet beach sand but won’t stick to anything but itself. It holds the shape Of Any Toys Given and It leaves your hands completely dry and never greasy.
    • Package includes 1 KG Bucket multi-colour Sand Of Inflatable Round Tub bucket With 5 Molded Toys.
    • Endless Hours Of Creative Kids’ Play – Help your children unleash their creative talent with a stunning play sand kit. Let them build their fascinating castles, towers and pyramids with this vibrant sand that never dries out or crumbles


Indoor Outdoor Play Sand, Moving Kinetic Universe Space Active Magic Gluten-Free Clay Sand Dough Round Tub Molds Box Play Set for Kids 



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<p>Colour: Multi (Send As per Available)<br />
Age: For kids ages 3 and up.<br />
Bucket material:- plastic<br />
package included:- sand bucket with moulds</p>
<li>Here We Present Kinetic Moving Universe Play Clay Sand Which is the squeezable sand.<br />
You&#8217;ve seen it before, but you&#8217;ve never felt anything like it. Just Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Sand is so incredible that you can&#8217;t put it down.</li>
<li>It&#8217;s &#8220;Kinetic Sand&#8221; or &#8220;Sand&#8221; because it sticks to itself and not to you! It Loozes, moves and melts right In Front Of your eyes.</li>
<li>It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid but leaves them completely dry. Kinetic Sand doesn&#8217;t dry out so you can keep your creations longer, and have more playtime to create anything over and over again.</li>
<li>Clean up is easy. It also doesn&#8217;t leave any residue behind on surfaces, making clean up a breeze.<br />
kinetic Sand stimulates children&#8217;s creative skills allowing them to create anything they can imagine over and over again. Sand never dries out and is gluten-free.</li>
<li>This is soft and stretchy and easily cleans up while delivering non-stop fun! It&#8217;s the squeezable sand you can&#8217;t put down.</li>
<li>Sandbox and multiple moulds included; perfect for indoor play and easy cleanup.<br />
Best gift for your little one.</li>

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Colour: Multi (Send As per Available)
Age: For kids ages 3 and up.
Bucket material:- plastic
package included:- sand bucket with moulds

  • Here We Present Kinetic Moving Universe Play Clay Sand Which is the squeezable sand.
    You’ve seen it before, but you’ve never felt anything like it. Just Pack it, pull it, shape it and love it, Sand is so incredible that you can’t put it down.
  • It’s “Kinetic Sand” or “Sand” because it sticks to itself and not to you! It Loozes, moves and melts right In Front Of your eyes.
  • It flows through your fingers like a slow-moving liquid but leaves them completely dry. Kinetic Sand doesn’t dry out so you can keep your creations longer, and have more playtime to create anything over and over again.
  • Clean up is easy. It also doesn’t leave any residue behind on surfaces, making clean up a breeze.
    kinetic Sand stimulates children’s creative skills allowing them to create anything they can imagine over and over again. Sand never dries out and is gluten-free.
  • This is soft and stretchy and easily cleans up while delivering non-stop fun! It’s the squeezable sand you can’t put down.
  • Sandbox and multiple moulds included; perfect for indoor play and easy cleanup.
    Best gift for your little one.


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