17 in 1 colour-coded System Body Building Fitness Exercise Tools Push Up Bracket Board Push Up Bar Training Rack for Men and Women Home Exercise

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Weight: 1 kg 760 g

Material: ABS ‎Plastic

Product Dimension: 59.5 X 18 X 2cm 

Package Included: 17 in 1 Push-up Board, 2 Handle, 1 User Manual

Bullet Points:

    • Non-Slip Design Handles: Push up board system with advanced premium comfort hand grips, oversized handle with ergonomic design, durable. 
    • Non-slip, collapsible: The new push up board is upgraded with non-slip rubber handles for a comfortable feel. The panel is made of better-quality environmentally friendly carbon fibre material, and the load-bearing capacity is up to 120KG.
    • Suitable Position: Accurately stimulate the muscles of all parts, and get twice the result with half the effort. It can help the novice to carry out targeted training on the chest and backhand and correct posture
    • Folding design: Thanks to the folding design, you can easily take the board with you wherever you go and easy to assemble and store.
    • Non-slip handles Portable, simple assembly and storage. Premium comfort non-slip hand grips.


Push Up Board 17 in 1 Body Building  Support Fitness Equipment Home Practice Chest Muscle Multi Function Push-Ups Board




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<p>Different color-coded push-up board targets specifics muscles worked (Blue-chest, Red-shoulders, Yellow-back, and Green-triceps)<br />
Heavy-duty Plug &amp; Press push up board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize upper body definition<br />
Burn calories and build strength with this innovative push-up system, leading you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout.<br />
Portable, Simple Assembly and Storage.<br />
Premium, Cushioned, Non-slip Hand Grips.</p>
<p>Material: ABS<br />
Support Board Size: 59.5 X 18 X 2cm/23.42 X 7.08 X 0.78inch<br />
Weight: 1100g<br />
Handles: 1pair<br />
Packaging: PE Bag<br />
Use: Exercise the back muscles and abdominal muscles.<br />
packing include: 1Set X Push Up Rack Board</p>

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Different color-coded push-up board targets specifics muscles worked (Blue-chest, Red-shoulders, Yellow-back, and Green-triceps)
Heavy-duty Plug & Press push up board system with multiple positions and angles that sculpt and maximize upper body definition
Burn calories and build strength with this innovative push-up system, leading you through a total-body strength and conditioning workout.
Portable, Simple Assembly and Storage.
Premium, Cushioned, Non-slip Hand Grips.


Material: ABS
Support Board Size: 59.5 X 18 X 2cm/23.42 X 7.08 X 0.78inch
Weight: 1100g
Handles: 1pair
Packaging: PE Bag
Use: Exercise the back muscles and abdominal muscles.
packing include: 1Set X Push Up Rack Board


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